What to Look for in a Ski and Snowboard Goggle

I found myself using a pair of old, scratched goggles with the foam crumbling all over my face the very first time I went skiing. Chances are you may have had a similar experience at some point. Goggles of yesteryear are a far cry from today’s high quality, affordable ski goggles. In fact, here at Tough Outfitters, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best and most affordable skiing optics!

Of course like many products these days there aren’t just a few options, there are hundreds! So, how do you know which type of ski goggle is right for you?

What to Look For in a Ski Goggle

Dual-layer lenses are used to prevent fogging. By trapping a pocket of air between the two lenses it helps to cut down on fogging inside the goggles. What’s more important than being able to see well when you’re skiing? Not much. 

Spherical lenses help improve peripheral vision. At the same time, these lenses are shaped so that there is little or no distortion of the world around you when looking through them. 

Lenses that match outdoor lighting conditions are important for safety. Wearing clear lenses on a sunny day can actually do permanent damage to your vision! At the same time, dark lenses on a cloudy day can make it hard to see what’s ahead of you.

Good venting to prevent moisture buildup is critical. Even the best dual layer lens can’t stop fog without ventilation. Look for foam vent panels on the top and front of goggles such as our Neo Ski Goggles that can whisk away moisture and prevent fog!

Our Premium Ski Goggles

Boost Ski & Snowboard Goggles

One of the biggest benefits of the large frame OTG goggles we offer is that they can go over the glasses (OTG). As the name implies, they’re designed specifically to solve the problems of those who wear glasses. 
If you don’t have glasses, don’t worry! I personally use OTG goggles and don’t have glasses - I just prefer the wider frames that improve vision and fit better on my face.

We made sure there’s a goggle for every person and every situation. With 8 models available, there’s something to match your tastes. Plus, you can get high visibility lenses for cloudy days or dark, mirrored lenses for those bright days.

While you can easily pay three digits for other OTG spherical goggles, we made sure to keep the price tag affordable for everyone. Afterall, skiing is already expensive enough! Do yourself a favor and save that cash for lift tickets.

Assault Ski & Snowboard Goggles

While it’s a popular style these days, not everyone likes the frameless, large profile look of OTG style goggles. We know that and in an effort to provide great goggles with a little subtler touch, we’ve got these on deck! 

Like all of our goggles, we insist on dual pane lenses to prevent fog. Additionally, we’ve added a row of front-facing vents on these goggles that direct cool outside air into the lenses to prevent fogging.

Frames are available in black or white. Plus, you can choose from 7 different lens colors which range from mirrored to mostly transparent.

It’s our mission to keep things affordable, but we stand behind the quality of these goggles. Our goggles come with a 1 year no questions asked warranty so go ahead and try them out for the season and see what you think, worry-free!

Drift Ski & Snowboard Goggles

Some of us prefer the old school look of those low profile traditional ski goggles. Of course, the ones we used in 1982 are a little beat up and the straps probably got chewed through by mice in the attic. 

When it’s time to get a new pair of goggles what aren’t the size of watermelons, look no further! We made it a priority to create a no-nonsense pair of goggles that look great with or without a helmet.

With black frames and 8 different colors (each with a different lens darkness) there’s something to suit everyone’s needs. 

Plus, since they come with a carrying pouch and a warranty, you’ll have peace of mind for your next trip!


Our goggles cover all the ranges you might need to get on the mountain and ski. Whether you want a large profile goggle to go over your glasses and look good with your helmet, or a smaller slim profile goggle to wear with a hat we’ve got you covered!

No matter what your preferences are, we think your goggles should keep up with you and never back down.

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