Best Women’s Ski Gloves for 2019

Women's outdoor clothing can be tricky. Manufacturers like us must strike a balance between fashion and function. Meanwhile, our customers are always looking for something that looks great while keeping fingers from freezing off!

Needless to say, our goal is to make sure that you can find exactly these qualities in our handwear. In today’s article, we’re going to introduce some of our favorite women’s ski glove options and help you find which one is best for you!

How to Choose a Ski Glove

One of the first topics that always comes up (with good reason) is waterproofness. Waterproof gloves come in two varieties - regular and waterproof/breathable. There is some argument as to the exact effectiveness of waterproof/breathable gloves, but one thing is for sure, regular waterproof gloves are usually way more affordable!

Another important consideration is powder cuffs. Gloves with powder skirts are only necessary in deep snow. However, when needed, the elastic adjustable cuffs cinch down to keep out snow and rain.

If you take your gloves off often (to get in your pockets, use your phone, or help your kids out) then leashes may be a top concern for you. Glove leashes use short strings and elastic bands that go around your wrist to keep your gloves attached at all times, even when you take them off!

Liner gloves are thin stretchy gloves that go under larger, warmer gloves. These gloves help keep you warm when you take off your larger gloves. They also help with moisture and sweat management. I personally love using liner gloves!

Winter Ski Gloves With Wrist Leashes

Why don’t we start off with a glove that has all the looks of modern fashion without compromising anywhere?

These black and heather gloves look good with tons of outfits and still keep up with performance. On the cuff, you’re given a wrist cinch which helps keep the glove in place on any size hands. You can also tighten down the elastic cuffs to keep out wind and snow in case you take a fall in the powder.

We’ve made these gloves with 100% waterproof durable nylon. That means you’ll stay dry while you hit the slopes without paying through your nose thanks to the affordable price tag.

Midweight Liner Gloves

When it comes to liner gloves they need to fit close to the skin, keep you warm, and have enough dexterity to handle your gear. We decided that in 2019 it’s just a give that our liner gloves should also provide touch compatible fingertips too!

One of the best things about liner gloves is that they make perfect companions in cool weather for running, yard work, or a night on the town. While they won’t hold up on their own against the nastiest mountain weather, they’re an important part of any good winter layering system.

Because our stretchy nylon and lycra gloves are often used to handle important and expensive gear (like your brand new smartphone) we added sticky silicone dots on the fingers to prevent fumbling.

Ski and Snowboard Gloves

If you prefer your ski and snowboard gloves to be useful, functional, and purposeful this might be your stop.<br
You’ve got yourself ready for the upcoming trip and find out that your gloves are lost or there’s a hole in the palm. Make a quick switch to these gloves with reinforced synthetic leather palms and their windproof/waterproof shell!

We kept these gloves simple with just a single strap to tighten up the glove and make sure it fits just right. They’re an affordable glove to finish out your winter gear.

Quilted Women’s Ski Gloves

Maybe one of our favorite fashionable winter gloves are these quilted waterproof gloves. There are no frills because we kept the focus on a good looking, functional product.
<brRemember to check the sizing chart and order the right glove for you because the cuffs on these gloves are just elastic. Don’t worry, they’re not going to fall off your hands but we did away with the glove strap to keep the focus on clean lines as simple aesthetics.

These gloves are filled with quilted insulation to keep you warm while the nylon shell repels wind and water for a comfortable day on the mountain.

Leather Grip Women’s Ski Mittens

Mittens paired with liner gloves might be my all time favorite combination on the mountain!

These mittens are insulated with a protective waterproof and windproof nylon shell. Inside, all your fingers can live inside the same large mitten pocket to help keep you warm and comfy.

We also put in a generous leather palm grip that will help protect your hand, give a sure grip, and keep that water and snow at bay while you enjoy the mountain your way!

Pro Tip: Pair our liner gloves with an oversized mitten for the ultimate versatile layering system!

At the end of the day, women’s ski gloves need to be functional but fun. We all want to enjoy a day on the slopes but nothing kills the sport faster than icy fingers. Our gloves seek to bridge the gap between looking great and feeling amazing. Best of all, we’ve kept all the prices down so you can supplement your winter-wear collection without feeling guilty!

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