Winter Gear for Casual Adventures

We don’t all live with a ski resort in our backyard. Not everyone wants to spend the weekend snowshoeing through the backcountry like an arctic explorer. Sometimes all we need is a couple of friends and some snow tubing. Or maybe we just want to hop on the snowmobile for a short ride to the local watering hole.

Whether you’re keeping things simple sipping cocoa while the snow falls, or preparing for a more ambitious adventure, we all need basic winter gear to stay warm and happy. At Tough Outfitters we want you to look good and feel great no matter what you’re up to this winter.

Casual Winter Hats

Cable Knit Beanie

Ladies, we made the Cable Knit Beanie to bridge the gap between functional and fashionable. Winter time isn’t always the best season to sacrifice warmth for looks, and we know that. That’s why the Cable Knit Beanie steps up to the table with real warmth. 

We use acrylic yarn that can stretch and form to any head with comfort. Thanks to the thick, chunky weave you’ll also get real warmth that you can rely on to shovel the driveway, drive to work, or head to the ski hill.

Trapper Hat

Guys and gals both will appreciate the old-timey throwback that we’ve resurrected with the Trapper Hat. Before you yell at us for this cozy fur-lined hat, let me remind you that no animals were harmed in the making! 

Whether you moonlight as a log cabin lumberjack or just love the look of flannel and fur hats in the winter, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let the fashion statement fool you - these hats are a favorite winter headwear for a reason.

The ear flaps can be lifted or lowered and clipped in place to put a full stop to any wind sneaking in around your ears. Plus the fur slows down and stops wind and snow around your face for better warmth in extreme conditions.

Fleece Ear Warmers

Okay, so maybe you want something a little more subtle than the Trapper Hat. Keeping your ears warm is arguably the most important comfort factor for winter enjoyment. That’s why we offer our very affordable Fleece Ear Warmers

Personally, I love ear warmers and headbands like this for tough winter work like shoveling, running, or working hard outdoors. Sometimes a hat, balaclava, or other headwear is just too warm!

We used fleece and spandex together to create ear warmers that stay in place, easily fit any head, and help put a full stop to any wind sneaking in to freeze your ears! To handle sweat and keep you comfortable, we made sure to use 94% polyester in the construction. Polyester is fantastic at wicking away sweat!

Lightweight Winter Gloves

Winter Sports Gloves

There are plenty of times when thick winter gloves just get in the way of what we’re doing. Driving, using tools, or even just going out for a run are some times when we just don’t need beefy winter gloves. That’s when our Winter Sports Gloves come to the rescue! 

We put together these liner gloves to be thin so they don’t get in the way. On top of that, we know you need to pick up calls and juggle your phone, even in the winter. That’s why a touch compatible fingertip was a must-have for these gloves.

Since we made them out of stretchy, moisture wicking polyester to be great for performance they’re equipped with silicone grip patches so your hands don’t slip off the wheel or drop your phone. Personally, I like to use these gloves for walking the dog or jogging around the neighborhood!

Neck Warmers

Fleece Neck Warmer

To stay warm in the worst winter weather it’s critical to stop that arctic air from slipping into your collar. Neck warmers are an often-overlooked piece of gear that really help with staying cozy. We made sure that our polyester Fleece Neck Warmers are thick enough to stop any wind. You can also find them in several colors so you can match your favorite casual look.

Don’t be fooled, though, these neck warmers are more than casual. You can order yours with a high performance helmet liner if you want something that can keep up with snowmobiling, snowboarding, or other high-octane winter sports.

Both models, and all colors of our neck warmer, are made with thick double-layer fleece to make sure you’re covered!


We all love a day on the mountain or a trek through the wilderness. Simply put, however, we know not everyone needs hardcore winter gear every day. Our line of winter performance equipment is meant to cover the bases at home, work, and in the wilderness.

You want to look good and stay warm - that’s why we aim to support any winter adventure no matter how small!

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