The Best Motorcycle Riding Gear for Any Budget

Setting out on the road riding two wheels is one of the most liberating experiences we can encounter. It’s okay, we understand your love for two wheels. Even when the skies turn grey or the mercury drops to bitter cold it’s still time to ride for many of us. In order to enjoy being on the road at any time of year, however, you need gear that can keep up with your steel horse. 

At Tough Outfitters we’ve set out to provide high-quality all-weather riding gear that can fit the budget of any rider. Our goal is to help you ride more comfortably on any day of the year you choose to drop the clutch and twist the throttle.

Skull Cap With Ear Covers

Whether you’re riding without a helmet on a cool morning or you need a little more warmth under the helmet on a freezing day, a skull cap is a solid choice. These tight-fitting hats are slim enough to slip under your helmet without giving you a headache. In the meantime, they do a great job of adding a few degrees of warmth to any ride. 

Don’t worry we made it so that no matter what activity you undertake, our skull cap can go along. It’s made from stretchy polyester with a flat black color so you can wear it running, to the office, or on the bike.

You’ll love the asymmetrical cut of this skull cap. It dips lower in the back to help keep the back of your head and neck warm. In the front, it’s cut high to stay out of your eyes and ride comfortably.

Skull Cap

If you prefer a little smaller and slimmer skull cap, we’ve got you covered. Not everyone wants or needs ear coverings on their skull cap so we made this one a flat cut around the head. You’ll find this hat in no less than 8 colors (some reversible) so that there’s a style you’re sure to love no matter what style you prefer. Like any good skull cap, we’ve made this out of soft and comfortable polyester which does a great job at managing heat and sweat. There’s also 11% spandex in the mix so it fits any noggin without headaches.

You’ll find that this skull cap works great under a helmet or as a standalone low-profile hat.

Helmet Liner

A lot like our skull cap, the helmet liner is an ultra-thin under helmet solution for just a shave more warmth to extend riding days into spring and fall. Most riders will find that it disappears under the helmet for added warmth but it’s not really thick enough to use as a standalone hat. We know a lot of people hate having a thick hat under their helmet when riding or get headaches when wearing one. That’s why we minimized bulky seams and thinned down the fabric to be as unnoticeable as possible when you’re riding.

This is the perfect solution for a little extra warmth that will fit under your helmet without being visible since it’s low-profile!

Lightweight Balaclava

Take our skull cap with ear covers, add a neck warmer, and wrap it all around the face for ultimate warmth. That’s what we made with the lightweight balaclava. 

Our goal was to hand you a snug-fitting comfortable fall and spring riding solution. This is a great multi-sport headwear option, too! We know a lot of you are enjoying outdoor sports or outdoor work year around when you’re not riding and you’ll be able to throw this balaclava in your pocket to adapt to any changing conditions.

Use this to help cut down on wind and cold around the face and neck when riding in those cold days of fall and spring.

Head Wrap Bandana

There’s something classic about the head wrap bandana look for a motorcycle skull cap. Besides, looking good is half the battle, right? 

This is a great option to put a layer of soft, comfortable polyester between your head and the helmet. The polyester and spandex combination means a comfortable fit no matter your head size or shape. Plus, you can tie it to any size you want.

Whether you want paisley, camo, or flat color we’ve got your back. There are 11 color options currently and we’re certain you’ll find something with your signature style.

We all know that riding is all about freedom, friends, and great looking bikes making memories. It’s hard to enjoy those summer riding days if your sweat is running down your face or your teeth are chattering as the cold days of winter approach. Our goal is to keep you comfortable and riding no matter how much the weather fights back. Don’t let the seasons get the best of you!

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