The Best Accessories to Keep You Safe and Cool in the Sun

If you’re like me then you burn to a crisp at even the thought of direct sunlight. Even if you’re not prone to burn, lots of sun can lead to some nasty health problems down the road. Either way, you might be considering some sun protective clothing to help you enjoy the summer weather this year.

At Tough Outfitters we’ve set out to provide some of the best lightweight summer sun protection anywhere! Our accessories are stylish, protective, and light enough that you won’t be sweating all day in the sun while you enjoy your summer.

Boonie Sun Hat for Men & Women

One go-to accessory for summer sun is a wide brim hat. Cultures around the world have used similar hats for hundreds of years to shield them from the sun during work and play. Ours is updated for a modern look and fit and it’s ready to go to the beach or park on a second’s notice.

We’ve made 8 different models available in several colors for you to choose based on your style and needs. Each of four colors is available with and without the neck flap. Essentially it’s an extra wide brim in the back of the hat which adds some style points and tons of sun protection!

Of course, you can adjust the fit of these hats with the quick draw elastic strap at the back and prevent them from flying off your head with the chin strap.

UV Protection Cooling Arm Sleeves

Sometimes it’s too hot for long sleeves but too sunny to leave your arms exposed. That’s when our compression sun sleeves come in handy! 

We’ve got these bad boys in 8 different colors and each is sold as a pair so you’re good to go. You’ll love the seamless fit that reduces itching and discomfort by using a one-piece construction with lightweight polyester fabric.

These sleeves block out over 98% of harmful sun rays. At the same time, they wick away sweat and help keep you cool thanks to increased moisture evaporation off the skin! Boom.

12-in-1 Cooling Neck Wrap

We’ve noticed that people love our versatile neck protection so we wanted to share it with you. You’ll find these lightweight polyester neck wraps in 7 colors. Each one can be used in so many ways it will blow your mind!  

Thanks to the stretchy spandex-infused fabric you can wear this as a head wrap, neck warmer, balaclava, hat, mask, or more! Just about any way you find it comfy you can do it!

There’s just enough warmth to make a welcome addition to any wardrobe on cool spring or fall days. Yet simultaneously we’ve purposely kept it cool enough that you can wear it fishing, boating, or jogging on a sunny summer day!

Cooling Towel

Whether it’s yoga in the yard or a run in the park you need something to clean up and cool down. We’ve taken the classic micro-fiber towel and aimed it straight at your workout routine so you can clean up after a hard push. 

With 7 different colors to pick from, we’re certain there’s something to fit your style. It’s wide and long like a scarf with makes this cooling neck towel perfect for wetting down and tossing over your shoulders during your run.

When you need to cool down again just re-wet the towel and you’re off!

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