Year-Round Headbands for Athletes

 Spring is in the air and with it comes jogging, biking, and training for all your favorite sports. Whether you need to keep the sweat out of your eyes, sun off of your head, or hair out of your face we’ve got you covered.

In today’s article, we’ll introduce to you some of the most versatile pieces of adventure headwear that can help you go anywhere and do anything. All of our gear is inspired by our own adventures and we know once you get to know it all, you’ll be hooked like so many of our happy customers.

Mini Sports Headband

Nope, not a headband for small sports. A small headband for any sport! 

No matter what colors you like - from loud to subtle - there’s a headband choice for you. We know our headbands end up under the bed, in the car, and behind the couch. Don’t worry, each pack comes with 6 so you can lose a few and still find one as you run out the door!

Each headband has a silicone bead to help keep it in place without sacrificing comfort. They’re made to keep hair out of your face, sweat out of your eyes, and make sure you look good doing it all the way.

If you ever do have a problem, just remember that we stand behind our gear with a Tough Headband Lifetime Warranty!

Ultimate Grip Sports Headband

Maybe you prefer a headband with a little more pizzaz and a stronger statement. If that sounds like you, we know you’ll love the Ultimate Grip Sports Headband. It’s available in black, white and green or green, pink, and blue color weaves.

To make sure our headband doesn’t squeeze too tight each band employs a combination of spandex for stretch, nylon for toughness, and polyester for moisture management. Nobody wants a headband headache!

These are ideal for sports like soccer, softball, jogging, or everyday sports looks!

Men’s Headand

Guys who love to push the limits and play hard need a way to take back control of their hair just as much as any lady. We know that unruly mop of hair looks good fresh out of the shower, but during a long job, we all need an extra hand taming the doo. 

We’re here to lend a hand with our Men’s Headband in no less than 10 different colors to choose from. They’re perfect for long hair and sweat on the basketball court, during your morning run, or even day-to-day if you like a sporty style.

These headbands are 95% polyester for ultimate sweat absorption with a 5% smattering of spandex to make sure they fit snugly without squeezing too hard!

Ponytail Headband

There are very few ways to comfortably wear headwear with a ponytail. It’s just a lose-lose situation. Unless you have a headband that is ready to accommodate your ponytail so you can stay comfy no matter what you’re doing! 

This polyester and spandex blended headband was made purposefully with a hole in the back to make room for your ponytail. Not only does that aid in securing your headband in place, but it also helps hold your ponytail from unraveling during hard exercise.

In cold weather, this fleece ear-covering headband keeps you warm while skiing, snowboarding, or shoveling the drive. It’s ideal for cool or cold weather and athletic activities.

Workout Headband

It’s hard to find the right size, shape, and color headband to meet your style. To give you a headband that can be used for almost any situation that will fit your tastes, we came up with the Workout Headband. 

Your headband can’t be too hot so we used thin polyester in a wide 4” band. Spreading the band out means you can use it to cover your ears, keep your head warm, or fold it over and make it into a thin sweatband. Whatever you want!

Sports Sweatband

Ready to throw it back? Here’s a classic cotton terry headband to keep you moving. Boxing, jogging, or playing sports is no big deal for this cotton, nylon, and elastic blend headband. 

We wanted to keep it simple in both style and function so we settled on this simple concept and delivered it to you in 7 different colors. We’re so certain that you’ll love the performance that we backed it all up with a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Get out there and log some miles!

There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors. Winter skiing or snowboarding requires a warm, protective headband. We’ve got that. Summer jogging or soccer practice means you need a lightweight, high-performance headband. We’ve got that too.

Enjoy any of your favorite sports with go-anywhere, do-anything headbands from Tough Outfitters!

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