Kids Outdoor Adventure Gear

Winter adventures are always a blast but if there’s one sure way to dampen everyone spirits, it’s miserable kids! Of course, the kiddos deserve to be just as warm, safe, and happy as we do but what winter gear is best to get them out there?

We’re going to introduce you to our line of affordable, quality kids winter wear that you can lean on for your next outdoor trip. Whether the kids are hitting the slopes for the first time or just heading out for a snowball fight we’ve got them covered.

Fleece Beanie

We all know how fast kids can grow so quality gear that won’t break the bank is critical. You can count on our Fleece Beanie to keep the kids warm while shedding wind.

Because kids grow we made this hat stretchy to help fit a wide range of heads and last for a few more seasons before they outgrow it. Thanks to the gathered black fleece construction it’s also neutral enough to go with almost any kids’ outfit so the little ones won’t be too picky.

Thanks to the midweight windproof fleece this hat can be great for the ride to school or the ride up the chairlift if you tuck it away under the helmet.


Kids are always up to something new. That’s why we focused this balaclava on flexibility and utility.

This kid-tested soft fleece balaclava can be worn in a couple of different ways to keep heads warm. Plus the adjustable drawstring cuffs mean you can really batten down the hatches when the going gets rough.

You can avoid cold noses by using the built-in draft collar that stops air from scooting inside and stealing warmth. Oh, did we mention that it’s double-layered to make sure nobody goes home chilly?

Snow and Ski Mittens

Your kids have little fingers and little fingers get cold quick! That’s why we put the same attention to detail into these as we do our top-rated adult gloves.

This time our insulated kid's Snow and Ski Mittens are wrapped in a waterproof, windproof nylon shell. They’re easy to get on and off thanks to the simple elastic cuff which can be tucked under the coat to keep out snow, rain, and cold!

Pro Tip: Mittens are much easier for young kids to wear because there are no individual fingers.

Everyone wants a color they can enjoy and kids love a little touch of uniqueness! That’s why you’ll find these gloves in 3 different colors sure to satisfy someone.

Snow and Ski Gloves

Sometimes kids just hate the way mittens feel or look and there’s no way to keep them happy. For kids who just love having the dexterity of each finger, we’re stepping up to the plate with our Snow and Ski Gloves.

These gloves are made with our waterproof fabric which makes them perfect for early spring snowball fights or surprise cloudbursts on the slopes. To make sure they fit right we’ve put in an adjustable cinch strap on each wrist, too!

You’ll find these gloves in two colors.

Pro Tip: Gloves (and their adjustable straps) are ideal for older children with developed dexterity.

Sleeping Bag

Kids adventures come in many shapes, sizes, and locations. In fact, some of the best memories are made on sleepovers with friends, grandparents, or snoozing on the floor during a vacation.

To keep the kids warm without costing you an arm and a leg we’re bringing you the All Seasons Kids Sleeping Bag.

This bag fits kids up to 5’ 1” tall and comes in two colors. We recommend that this bag is used in temperatures from 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a ripstop waterproof shell, though we don’t recommend sleeping out in the rain.

Your kids will love stuffing this bag into its compression sack where the straps can be tightened down to make it easily disappear into a backpack or luggage!

Kids have a ton of fun enjoying the little adventures just as well as the big ones. To stay warm on the slopes we’ve got gear to keep up. When it’s time to hang out indoors and crash on the floor the kids can rely on our affordable sleeping bags to get the job done.

We’re proud to support you as parents with products that are both affordable and effective!

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