A Match Born From the Outdoors:
Tough Outfitters + Realtree

Maybe you grew up in a hunting household and remember the scent of musty old school camo and drying boots sitting by the basement door. Or maybe you’re an active hunter who knows well the smell of modern nylon and lycra form-fitting gear and cutting edge tools of the trade.

Whether you’re new age or peering over the hill there’s a good chance you need new gear. To stay up to date with the latest trends in both performance outdoor gear as well as hunting tech, we chose to partner with Realtree. Tough Outfitters is proud to bring you officially licensed Realtree outdoor products that do solid work whether you’re hunting or grilling.

RealTree EDGE Camo Balaclava

We’re stoked to be putting together our tried and true balaclava design with the brand new Realtree Edge camo pattern. This industry-leading camouflage pattern is specifically designed to disrupt the human form and make you disappear with nothing more than the flutter of a leaf.  

Because today’s hunters demand more performance than ever before, we took the steps needed to provide a balaclava that is effective, efficient, and adaptable. Thanks to the thin fleece-lined windproof fabric and breathable face panel you can slip this under a hood, hat, or helmet. That means the ride in on your ATV just got a lot cozier.

In order to keep pace with the change of the season from opening day to mid-winter late season, we wanted flexibility. That’s why you can wear this balaclava as a full face mask, neck warmer, or half face mask.

By keeping a small and convertible profile while stopping the wind in its tracks, our Realtree camouflage balaclava is warm and comfortable and easily fits in a pocket!

Realtree EDGE Camo Skull Cap

Imagine a warm, form-fitting skull cap that fits anyone’s head, keeps your ears warm, and can easily slide under a helmet. Look no further! 

These hats are great because they don’t get in the way, they won’t shift around, and they can easily fit in a small pocket as a backup when the evening temps drop faster than you expected. You need gear that you can count on and that’s why we stand behind our products to the end - you get a lifetime guarantee!

You’ll be surprised at how well this hat keeps in the heat and sheds moisture with performance polyester fabric. Thanks to the brushed lining and stretchy 11% spandex blend fibers, there’s nowhere for cold air and wind to sneak in. Honestly, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it because it’s so lightweight

Realtree EDGE Sweatband

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to the Tough Outfitters Realtree EDGE sweatband. Whether you’re making a long hike to the hunting blind or you just need something to keep that unruly mop of hair under control, we’ve got you covered. 

In order to handle moisture and sweat, we’ve aimed this headband at polyester fibers to absorb and disperse. With a 95% poly content and 5% spandex count it’s going to stretch to fit, feel comfy, and keep you cool.

When it’s time to wash away the day’s work, just hand wash in light soapy water and hang dry. It’s thin and breathable so it’ll be dry and ready for you in no time!

Too many outdoorsmen are still wearing the baggy low-performance cotton clothing of yester-year. Get with the times and update your gear so it’s lightweight, moisture managing, and ready to keep you going in any weather!

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