Pro Tips for Staying Warm While Skiing

You’re probably getting fired up about the latest (or upcoming) snowstorm that has hit your area. It’s about time to get out the skis or board, get a tune-up, and rip some lines down the local mountain, huh? If you’re like me, though, you probably realized you can’t find some of your gear from last year so it’s time to freshen up the equipment before you hit the slopes.

To really get the most out of a day on the hill, it’s important to cover the little details. These tips will help you enjoy hours of skiing or boarding without cold digits!

Keeping Your Fingers Warm

Cold fingers are one of the first things that will make me head into the lodge and I hate heading into the lodge when there’s more skiing to be done.

If you want more time on the mountain when the temps really drop here’s what you need to do.

  1. Wear a vapor barrier glove
  2. Wear a liner glove
  3. Wear a glove or mitten over the top

Vapor barriers are only for the coldest days. They keep sweat from getting into your gloves and massively improve the warmth of your gloves. Just use a disposable nitrile glove for this (seriously).

A great liner glove should be thin and stretchy to fit tight. If you use your phone a lot, look for touch compatible fingertips. I’d recommend these Lightweight Glove Liner

On top of all that, use an oversized (order a size up) glove or mitten. It’s hard to go wrong with our
Slugger Gloves. We made them waterproof and extra warm with a pocket on the back of the hand. So there are no excuses for cold fingers!

Now, when you’re out on the mountain, you should have warm hands in any weather condition you could encounter. When you go in for a break, dry the liner gloves near the fire before heading back out. Make sure to thoroughly dry all gloves overnight for the best results.

Stopping Drafty Collars

If you’ve been ripping groomers so hard you need to cool off, unzipping your neckline and letting a draft roll through can be a lifesaver! A draft down your collar on a cold morning before you wake up can be enough to ruin your day, though.

I always tell people these secrets to stop drafts and keep warm…

For helmet users, usually a simple neck warmer is all you need to stay warm around the neck. Something universally useful in multiple configurations is our 12-in-1 Headwear Neck Gaiters.

Just tuck the bottom down into your jacket and zip up around it so wind can’t sneak down into your jacket. Pull the neck warmer as far up (or down) your neck as you need for the warmth you want.

For non-helmet users, a full head cover is usually warranted. I’d highly recommend taking a look at a comfortable windproof balaclava like our Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask. It covers the whole head and neck so it can be tucked into your jacket and zipped up which will keep you toasty warm! 

One of the things I like the most about this particular balaclava is that it’s thin enough to be comfortably worn under a helmet or an additional hat so you can make changes to your gear on the fly!

Pro Tip: Avoid tucking your neck warmer or balaclava into your goggles. Even the best fog proof goggles like our Boost Ski Goggles will eventually fog up if you make this common mistake.

Why? Because the neck warmer acts like a wick, sucking the moisture from your breath straight up into your goggles. It’s an easily avoidable novice mistake.

 Skiing and boarding can be fun sports to explore. With the right equipment, they can become lifetime passions!

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