Longer Days

There’s something about getting out for a few days, cutting loose and wandering places close to home and further afield. Time to embrace lighter evenings in search of places beyond the everyday.

With warmer climates rolling in, the unmistakable hue of a spring sunset casts our minds adrift to the waves we’ll catch, the roads we’ll journey and the sun soaked adventures still to come.

Longer Days
Longer Days

With each new season comes a new potential, a new way to escape. Itching to get behind the wheel, the feeling of an engine rattling and nothing ahead but open road. Finding adventure in the smallest places and sharing the journey with old friends, and new friends you meet along the way.

Going off-grid and reconnecting with the wild is just that little bit easier with these few extra hours of light. We see familiar places with a fresh perspective, as if for the first time, and find ourselves reflecting on summers gone by.

Longer Days
Longer Days

It’s a time of change, with mother nature showing us how resilient she can be, but also her humbling beauty. It truly is an inspiring time to be outside, and the lure to travel grows by the day.

Catching a sunrise, a weekend road trip or simply tapping out for an afternoon at your favourite spot is all it takes for a slice of the simple life. It’s true what they say, the best things in life are free. The wild has so much to offer, and here at Passenger we can’t wait to get out there and explore.

The things that stay with us, the most memorable moments might only be the littlest things, otherwise mundane experiences are given new meaning. This is why we do it, if only just to find that space and recharge.

Longer Days
Longer Days

The hush of winter feels like a lifetime ago, it’s hard to remember how cold those days were. We know this light won’t last forever but for now we turn to face the sun, embracing all the travels, moments and stories on the horizon.

Roaming the wilds of Alaska, road tripping Portugal, finding peaks closers to home or just a hazy afternoon on the coast line, it doesn’t matter. Good things come to those who wait, this is true, but in our opinion better things come to those who go.

Longer Days
Longer Days

While patience is a virtue, escapism is a mindset and we’re always looking out for the next. We encourage anyone to seek out their own; whatever that may be.

Adventure will sometimes find us, but for the most part we get out there to seek it, with all the sunlight we’ve got.


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